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Association of Ghana Government Sponsored Students (AGGOSS)

Our Purpose

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Organization Purpose

The purpose of this association is to increase the popularity of our common interests, skill and knowledge acquisition for Ghana's development.

To network with Ghanaian scholars and students abroad and affiliated institutions.

We hope to increase membership so we will be able to grow and expand.

We also want to have fun while and when we are together working on our projects, promoting our common interest and celebrating the success of our members.

By developing relationships and friendships, we hope the association will become stronger and well networked, geared towards fostering stronger relationships and ultimately towards contributing to the national development of Ghana.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote the interests of our members through the Education Section of the Ghana Consulate Abroad.
To network with all Ghanaian intellectuals abroad, both Students and Academics.
To strive in making a difference by educating ourselves abroad and returning home to develop and expand our beloved nation, Ghana.

We would love to have your feedback about our web site! You may send feedback and comments to Edwin Acheampong at: or Gina Teddy at