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Association of Ghana Government Sponsored Students (AGGOSS)


AGGOSS Seminar 2008 Album 1
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This is an Association for all Ghana Government Sponsored Students within the United Kingdom and countries among the European Community.

Who Can Join?
All students sponsored under the Ghana Governemnt GET-FUND Programme are automatic members.

All Ghanaians studying abroad (in the UK, EU and elsewhere) and interested in becoming members are also welcome.

All members must be dedicated Ghanaians who are willing to contribute in one way or the other towards the development of Ghana after their programmes/studies.

All members must be willing  to share their intellectual and technical knowledge, skill and expereince to  help elevate our mother Ghana and to make a difference in the building and development of our dear and beloved country .

We would love to have your feedback about our web site! You may send feedback and comments to Edwin Acheampong at: or Gina Teddy at